Harvey Milton is a fast paced growing consulting firm based in London, specialising in strategic business development and focussed on acting as a ‘bridge’ between Global and Emerging markets. We are helping companies interested in conducting business and projects in Emerging markets.

We specialise in working with the financial services, energy, oil and gas and technological industries. We also work with clients entering new markets, expanding their operations, managing risks, and building investment relationships, both nationally and internationally.
One of our main emerging market is Middle East, and with an experienced team of natives and international consultants, and Local offices.

We’re the conduit of choice between local companies and international businesses.

Drawing on already existing relationships and expanding networks, the company offers ‘cross border’ strategic business development advice to companies seeking to raise their profile linked specific goals.

Since 2008 we have provided our services to international businesses with focus on energy, oil, gas and mining industries by using our expertise to help our clients to enter new markets, expand their operations and build investment relationships that will allow their business to flourish, both nationally and internationally.


To provide superior quality strategic business development services recognised as industry standards in the marketplace to ensure clients recommend us to their peers, competitors prefer to partner with, employees are proud of, and investors seek for long-term returns.


  • Solve the uncertainty and lack of information typical of emerging markets by providing a platform for insightful information on players, business opportunities, supply and demand.
  • Improve the communication within emerging markets by developing a trusted network of players to bridge business needs and exploiting diversified channels.
  • Guide and educate emerging markets, acting as a conduit with international markets and by promoting better use of the local skills and technology, through innovative methods including executive training and local scouting.


We believe that transparency and honesty are the hallmarks  and foundation of our business.

We are respectful of our clients and partners, and operate with the highest degree of personal and professional integrity. We value each other in the environment where teamwork and relationships matter.

We provide high standards of service to our clients, and look for the most innovative ways, with continuous improvement in all areas.

We actively seek the best opportunities, always looking at the bigger picture and measuring risks and rewards for our partners and clients.

We work towards a co-operative framework designed to strengthen the networks for all our partners and clients.


Contact us at the Harvey Milton office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.